best refrigaration oil for industrial compressors

Benefits of NXT-717 Oil

NXT-717 is an advanced compressor oil specifically designed for use in ammonia refrigeration systems. It is currently the best oil on the market for the following reasons:

Specifically developed for use in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

       - Exceeds all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications

       - Excellent stability in both wet and dry ammonia applications

  • Reduced oil carryover

- As much as 50-80% less oil carryover than other fluids

- Why: NXT-717 has exceptionally low volatility (instability) of only 0.1% and very
           low solubility with ammonia

  • Better cold temperature fluidity—as low as -63°C

- Why: NXT-717 has a naturally high viscosity index (See What is oil viscosity?) and
            is enhanced by Next Lubricants’additive, ArcticFlow, producing a lubricant that
            remains fluid at very low temperatures.

- As a result, NXT-717 is less likely to coat the evaporator and is thus easier to
           purge from the system.

  • Longer Fluid Life

- Why: NXT-717 is a very thermally stable oil that provides exceptional resistance
           against oxidation, carbon varnish and sludge formation.

  • Tailored to Your Specific Operating Conditions

- See Compatibility

  • Competitive price


See for yourself the enhanced effectiveness of NXT-717:


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